Born to Die

There’s a whole world that’s lost their eyes
Too many births and not enough lives
The soul comes down in due time
Yet your demands outnumber the crime
You’d weep for eternity if you knew
What your mindless mother brews
Is there hope still in a grain of sand?
Did you see it in the eyes of your fellow man?
Did the twinkle speak to you?
Or is it lost among the trash
Gone a whole world of blue

I questioned myself today
Points, lines, numbers
Trying to equate
A meaning for your mistake
When you opened it’s leather bound cover
You analyzed the soul of God
And when you put it down I sighed
I try to tell you what’s inside
Yet once again I was taken
Just someone to be broken
I keep my change to myself now
My treasure of words spoken
Are my pleasure, your frown
I know that an hour will strike
I know that the hour will take
I’ve been ready before I came
Born to Die
And I blame not the hand
that brings demise
For my God I tried
As I watched the vultures
Poke out your eyes
You laughed as a lunatic does
When his soul is being eaten
And he thinks he’s the one feasting

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One thought on “Born to Die

  1. With eyes we see The Reality.
    With blind eyes we see what cannot be seen.
    How marvelous is God, who opens the eyes.
    And how blind is the blindness of sin?

    By His Grace.

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