Driving down a stretch of green mile
The grass dances to the slow beat of a hammer
All stop signs read red wrath for the searcher
The rebel in me just smiles and discards her
Containers of the days that didn’t matter
Discarded all that hinders and rattles
The road only twists when your twisted
My mind is vast and full of electric blue
My journey is that mirror dynamic
It’s full of stars and hurricane kisses
The storm and the lightning are my home
The galaxies and black holes are my poems
Always moving and shifting between worlds
You can stand in awe but you can’t hold me to yours
Choices and consequences beget a better reconnaissance
When they are made in light of a better day
I’ll bring my world to you
Let you taste the morning dew
Show you the auroras of my soul
Bring you down to bring you up whole
You’ll never want to hear another song
Now that you’ve tasted the lips
From which the best of lovers have been sung


Lessons learned
And how about for now
We let the world be adjourned
There will be plenty of time
To listen to the drama
To teach the usurpers
To sit on their hands and bow
For now let us sit and cheers
Enjoy the candle light and the lost years
And the company of wit from the trickster
The wreath encircled around his smile
As we trick him into his own guile
My friend you took your time
But how much sweeter you are
With savoured anticipation
We ride the chariots of fire
Across the starry mile
Oh how they did not win
And we managed to speak again
Tis dreams that come flowing back
From a million years were black
A voice whom owned the robe
Of which I bowed before betrothed
Your love the most enduring of the arts
The most feared in these parts
But they can’t stop us now
I’ve listened in and seen them going down
We have won, and we will win again


A rose to the East for my lover
A rose to the South for another
A rose to the West for the past distress
A rose to the North for a forgotten bliss
A candle to shine for the rest of my life
One white fire to purify my soul
One black fire to respect the bold
In the middle I stand at the end
In the wild of a new stage I stand

With a wave it begins
I begin again
a new wind
I feel the cleansing coming on strong
The smell of burnt leaves
The sound of sighing trees

The colors are precious and rage
Behind the ghostly voice of a horned mage
The colors of the Red Prince’s world
Restore the memory of the spear and the sword

And when you fall down from the sight of the white horned mage
Black eyes of wonder and enticing sway
Remember to this day
There is no end to what we create
The spark is in you now
The new mind is opening upon the brow
Save your energy for your dreams
We will make reality

Forget all that has mass
Look at the symbols now
The tongue of the invisible
Breathes life indivisible
The Fool is hanging in the courtyard of yesterday
We breathe with the Universe today

Crowning Parabola in a fountain of gold
The greatest story will be told
I am the delight of an ageless love
We once processed the equation through a flood
Opened the eyes of the sleeping ones
This time we whisper a new code
As the owls watch from the branches astral fold

Two worlds will collide in the Fall
And a birth will bring them all
At the end of a Winter bleak
After the hearts speak, enjoy the last lie
The code will be equated one last time
And once again you will see my truth shine

Day of Debauchery

In the end you should be able to tell them “I am Freedom.”

I’m on a MISSION

Bought a hot shot gat from a north end guinea
Ante up with your ass ’cause you ain’t got a penny
Droppin’ bombs from above cut ya all down to size
‘Cause they’re hip to the bull and they’re hip to the lies

Our turn to decide who lives and who dies…

Man of the Runes

Woke up deep in some woods at night; cool and crisp like the beginning of the Fall season. I could feel a large tree up against my back and my hands tied behind me. So dark, yet I could see the faint glow of a pale blue moon shining through the anciently old trees, giving just enough light to make out the shapes of the forest. Suddenly a man was standing before me, robed, like a monks robe with the hood pulled over is face. He was holding a large staff in his right hand – as I studied it I noticed Elder Futhark Rune marking all over it, and they glowed with an electric blue hum. While I meditated on the staff the man started to slowly whisper a set of names of people I knew… when he was done giving the names he raised the staff and with the force of an earthquake he smashed it into the ground where it shattered into large fragments of glass. Each fragment expressed a picture of the past, present and what was to be. Some of the pictures I recognized, and some I turned away from in fear. I had my eyes closed tight wishing I hadn’t seen what I had; I felt a hand gently pull up my chin. He wasn’t done showing me the messages, he brought my attention back to him. His robe was gone. He was hairless with alabaster skin and the same Rune markings that glowed with an electric blue were imprinted on his skin – his whole body. The rope crawled away from my bound hands like two snakes untangling themselves from a knot. He took my left hand and guided it to his stomach and pressed my hand up against the Perth Rune that was burned into his skin. I felt a shock and a flood of thoughts, symbols and warnings came crashing into my minds eye. I was out of breath as I looked up at him in wonder. He had been watching me the whole time, his eyes the bluest of blue crystals; he whispered “remember.” I couldn’t hold is powerful gaze and I passed out… woke up.

there’s much to ponder and decipher here.