Man of the Runes

Woke up deep in some woods at night; cool and crisp like the beginning of the Fall season. I could feel a large tree up against my back and my hands tied behind me. So dark, yet I could see the faint glow of a pale blue moon shining through the anciently old trees, giving just enough light to make out the shapes of the forest. Suddenly a man was standing before me, robed, like a monks robe with the hood pulled over is face. He was holding a large staff in his right hand – as I studied it I noticed Elder Futhark Rune marking all over it, and they glowed with an electric blue hum. While I meditated on the staff the man started to slowly whisper a set of names of people I knew… when he was done giving the names he raised the staff and with the force of an earthquake he smashed it into the ground where it shattered into large fragments of glass. Each fragment expressed a picture of the past, present and what was to be. Some of the pictures I recognized, and some I turned away from in fear. I had my eyes closed tight wishing I hadn’t seen what I had; I felt a hand gently pull up my chin. He wasn’t done showing me the messages, he brought my attention back to him. His robe was gone. He was hairless with alabaster skin and the same Rune markings that glowed with an electric blue were imprinted on his skin – his whole body. The rope crawled away from my bound hands like two snakes untangling themselves from a knot. He took my left hand and guided it to his stomach and pressed my hand up against the Perth Rune that was burned into his skin. I felt a shock and a flood of thoughts, symbols and warnings came crashing into my minds eye. I was out of breath as I looked up at him in wonder. He had been watching me the whole time, his eyes the bluest of blue crystals; he whispered “remember.” I couldn’t hold is powerful gaze and I passed out… woke up.

there’s much to ponder and decipher here.

Free Will is a gift that you only use when you have to fight for it.

Harry said that well, with all kinds of other stuff that made sense. Of course, I would go and agree with the men in black, but hey – they’re just angels doing what the big man says.

I agree though, free will doesn’t come without a price and sometimes you’re just living in the Illusion of Free Will… look around you, seriously? You think you have free will? In this world, you have to fight for ANYTHING that holds value – especially something like that.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

When you took on the role to be in my life, it’s because I gave you the script. If I don’t like the abuse you cause on set is it wrong for me to fire you? If you’re not fulfilling your role, causing turmoil and disrupting all the other players then what choice do I have? I was given this life to set forth a great play for God, why would you want to give me a role in your life and muffle my lines? Just to keep me as an extra? I’m no extra, I’m a director – I deserve more respect than that because I’m working my ass off to set in to motion some wonderful things. There are plenty of people out there that are OK being the extra, but eventually they will see the beauty of directing and they will leave you to find their own spotlight. We’re given the choice on how to use all these scripts and sometimes we don’t put them to their greatest effect, muddling the ones we think of as little – they can easily become our masters and teachers. To see potential in a worm produces a butterfly – if only we could truly follow the thoughts of the real plan.

Reality show called Earth.